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Limited Edition R/C Product

1/10 R/C TT-02 Chassis Kit White Special
Item No: 47364

Item image
Length: 376mm. Image shows assembled kit.
Body, R/C equipment, battery pack and charger are sold separately.

A Special Chassis
A favorite among beginners and veterans alike, the shaft-driven 4WD TT-02 chassis gets a new look with this White Special version. From the hard lower deck to suspension arms, wheel axles, propeller shaft and more, parts are molded in crisp white. White CVA super mini oil dampers are fitted with black springs (hard). Souped-up performance is provided by a torque-tuned motor with full ball bearings for minimal loss, and a silver anodized heat sink to encourage heat dissipation. 16-spoke wheels are molded in white and paired with racing slick tires, and the kit comes in a carry case for great portability.

Featured Components
★White molded lower deck (hard) ★White molded D parts (motor mount), A parts (uprights), B parts (bumper, suspension arms), and C parts (wheel axles, propeller shaft) ★Torque-Tuned motor ★Silver anodized aluminum motor heat sink ★White molded Q and V parts (CVA oil dampers) ★Hard damper springs (black) ★White 16-spoke wheels ★Full ball bearings

★Length: 376mm, Width: 182/190mm ★Wheelbase: 257/251mm ★Tire Width/Diameter: 27/67mm (Front & Rear) ★Bathtub-type Frame ★Shaft Driven 4WD ★Front/Rear 4-Bevel Resin Differentials ★3-Piece Steering Tie-Rod ★4-Wheel Double Wishbone Suspension ★CVA Super Mini Oil Shocks ★Gear Ratio = 8.27:1 (10 further ratios from 11.38:1 to 7.28:1 possible with use of separately-sold pinion) ★Torque-Tuned Motor ★Full Ball Bearings ★Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) is sold separately.

★2-Channel R/C Unit with ESC ★Battery Pack & Charger ★R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter ★Body

Information is correct as of December 26, 2017. Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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