Special Feature on the TLT-1's Inner Mechanics.

ITEM 47201

What's "Little Gear"?

Click image to enlarge Small but All-Out R/C Car

Tamiya launched a new series in its R/C car lineup, called "Little Gear". Smaller than traditional 1/10 scale, the inner mechanics remain uncompromised in this powerful 1/18 scale little chassis. TLT-1 Rock Buster is the first mighty truck in the series.
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Rough Terrain, No Sweat!

Click image to enlarge Click image to enlarge 4-link rigid suspension with long stroke overcomes the roughest terrain (see left). No power is wasted with motor power transmitted to spur gear, belt, center ball diff., F&R propeller shafts, and then to F&R diff cases.
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Reliable Running in a Reliable Chassis

Click image to enlarge Click image to enlarge No Limit in Mobility.

Chassis features loads of metal parts including 2mm thick aluminum panel frame and oil dampers, promising durable and reliable running.
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Extra Servo Realizes 4-Wheel Steering

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Click image to enlarge Attaching an extra servo (sold separately) to the rear enables 4-wheel steering. Steering front and rear in opposite direction for sharper turn (see left), steering front and rear in the same direction for side running (see right). As an extra bonus, the package has been specially designed as a carrying box. The vivid orange box features a handle and can carry the R/C car and transmitter.
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*When using an extra servo with a 2-channel R/C system, a splitter compatible with your transmitter is required.

We recommend the TSU-01 Servo (ITEM#7255097) to be used as an extra servo.

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See How It Runs!
Movie Click for demo run movie. See how the TLT-1 drives over steep bumps, rough terrain and an obstacle course.


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