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1/10 Factory Assembled Glow-Engine R/C Car Series No.4 ITEM 43504

Realistic body plus real engine equals true R/C excitement! TGS Chassis

Impreza WRC 2002
Engines truly bring R/C cars to life. Tamiya presents a factory assembled Glow-Engine R/C car replica of the Subaru WRC 2002. A faithfully reproduced body on an engine chassis is the perfect combo for real R/C excitement, bringing the user all the more close to the rally scene!

Package Cool Products Deserve Cool Packages

Pre-painted and pre-stickered body with cut-out left window for heat escape, pre-assembled chassis, and transmitter are all conveniently included in the same package, so that you're ready to roll straight from the box.
Body and Transmitter You Can EXPEC the Best!

With the all-new, cutting-edge EXPEC wheel and trigger type transmitter, users can expect top control.

Chassis Employs the TGS Chassis

Resin monocoque frame with aluminum die-cast power train deck provides effective heat escape. R/C electronics are encased in a special box for protection.

ACS Employs ACS (Active Cooling System)

The underside of the power train deck features air intake leading to engine fan for proper air diffusion. ACS is effective in the prevention of engine over-heating.

FS-12SS engine Employment of FS-12SS Engine

The TGS chassis employs a high-performance FS-12SS engine (2.11cc) that boasts superior air-intake and powerful running. Comes with convenient recoil starter.

Suspension 4-Wheel Double Wishbone Suspension

The TGS chassis features 4-wheel double wishbone suspension to realize excellent road-holding. Shaft driven 4WD affords high reliability. Front and rear gear cases are both high-precision and tightly shut for smooth-running differential gears.

Basic Specifications
Overall length: 441mm Overall width: 185mm Overall height: 148mm Minimum clearance: 14mm Weight: 1640g (not including fuel) Wheel base: 257mm Tread (front and rear): 156mm Chassis material: aluminum and reinforced resin Steering tie rods: divided in three segments Suspension (front and rear): double wishbone Caster angle (f/r): 2/0deg. Camber angle (f/r): 0/0.5deg. Toe angle (f/r): both 0deg. Dampers (f/r): Friction dampers Drive train: shaft driven full time 4WD Engine: FS-12SS Engine capacity: 2.11cc Fuel tank capacity: 65cc Muffler: TM-4 Brakes: drum Gear ratio: 10.4:1 Diff gear system: (f/r) three bevel diff. Tire width (f/r): both 27mm Tread pattern (f/r): Racing radial pattern

Available Separately
Engine Starting Equipment Set Twelve R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter and receiver Tamiya Engine Spray

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