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1/12 Collector's Club Special No.6 (ITEM 23206)

Overall Length: 385mm
Body, interior and chassis are fully finished.
Simply use included tool to attach tires and engine cover.

Become Owner No. 1501
Promoted as Porsche's next generation flagship super sports car, the Carrera GT was officially unleashed onto the international motoring market in 2003, with Porsche planning to build just 1,500 models over the next three years at its factory in Leipzig, Germany.

Packed with racing-spec technology, the Carrera GT features an ultra-lightweight and durable carbon fiber monocoque frame. Combined with the all-new 5.7 liter V10 cylinder engine, the Carrera is capable of a staggering top speed of over 330km/h, with acceleration from 0-100km/h in less than 3.9 seconds.

The Carrera GT marks a departure from Porsche's traditional horizontally placed boxer engine, laying the foundations for an exciting new era in the amazing history of one of the world's top sports car makers.

Ultra-detailed, Semi-Assembled Premium Model
1/12 scale semi-assembled display model of Porsche’s flagship super sports car, the Carrera GT. This premium replica is made from a variety of high quality parts, including ABS resin cowling, metallic mesh grille, synthetic rubber tires and die-cast metal parts. Assembly of the delicately curved body follows that of the full-size car, with a beautiful paint job adding the perfect finishing touch. Durable die-cast suspension arms combine with working dampers and stabilizers for real-action suspension. Metal hinged doors, hood and rear cowl open realistically to display fully detailed interior and V10 engine. Rear wing pops-up to extended position when license plate is pressed, while hard-top can be removed and stored under hood for convertible style. Owning this model is the next best thing to owning an actual Carrera GT! Includes illustrated pamphlet detailing car's background and specifications (Japanese with English translation).
Overall length: 385mm, Overall width: 160mm, Overall height: 97mm
Stunning reproduction of delicately curved body lines  Detach and stow hard top under hood for convertible style  Meticulously detailed interior depicts various materials used

Metal hinged doors and cowling feature weights and magnet for realistic opening movement  Fully accurate V10 engine mirrors that of the full size car  Lovingly contstructed package doubles as high-quality display case

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