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Masterwork Collection No.121

1/48 Mitsubishi G4M Model 11 - Admiral Yamamoto Transport (Semi-Assembled Model)
Item No: 21121

Item image
Length: 416mm. 

An Ill-Fated Mission
Early in the morning of April 18, 1943, two Mitsubishi G4M aircraft lifted off from the Japanese Navy base in Rabaul with an escort of six Zero fighters; one of them (323) was carrying Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. Their destination was Buin airfield at the front line of the conflict in the Pacific. They were never to make it, as sixteen U.S. P-38 Lightnings were alerted to the flight by cracked Japanese comms and intercepted the convoy, shooting down the two transport aircraft in the skies over Bougainville. Yamamoto lost his life during the engagement.
About the Mitsubishi G4M Model 11
The Mitsubishi G4M1 Model 11 was officially adapted in 1941 as the successor to the Type 96 bomber. Featuring a long flight range which enabled it to attack enemy fleets from land bases, it went on to serve as the IJN's main land-based bomber in the Solomon Islands in 1942. Most of the G4M1s during the Solomon Island campaign had their outer tail cones removed to provide a better field of fire for the tail-mounted 20mm cannon.
About the Model
★1/48 scale finished plastic model of the Mitsubishi G4M1 Model 11. Length: 416mm, Wingspan: 518mm. ★The tubular form of the G4M1 has been accurately reproduced. ★Realistically reproduced tail cone with outer section removed. ★In addition to clear canopy parts, pre-painted canopy parts are also conveniently included. ★Simply attach main wing, vertical fin and propeller, and this awesomely realistic model will be complete! ★Contains a bumper total of 17 figures, including one depicting Admiral Yamamoto.

★Left: Beautifully crafted recreation of the aircraft that took Admiral Yamamoto on his final trip.

★Right:The tail cone is artfully depicted with the outer section removed.

★Left: Admiral Yamamoto figure is joined by on-board pilots and machine gunner.

★Right: 12 figures are on hand to depict various personnel waving off the aircraft.


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