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1/6 Motorcycle Series No.36

Yamaha Motocrosser YZ250
Item No:16036 

Length=342mm Image shows assembled and painted model. ※Enlarged Image

【 "Flying Suspension" 】  The Yamaha Motocrosser YZ250 was a replica of Yamaha's works team motocross machine. In 1973, the works bike, which was equipped with the new monocross rear suspension, won the 250cc class in the Motocross World Championship, so in the following year the replica also incorporated this feature. This unique suspension utilized a rigid truss swing arm supported by a shock unit underneath the fuel tank to efficiently absorb shocks, which also gave the rear wheel a greater range of stroke and therefore better stability on the track. Equipped with a 32.5ps 250cc 2-stroke engine, the YZ250 demonstrated its capability in motocross races all over the world.

【 About the Model 】  ★Length: 342mm. ★Front forks are depicted with chrome-plated brass pipes for a realistic finish and greater durability. Built-in coil springs allow movement. ★Damper boot, seat, and handle grips are made from soft synthetic rubber material. ★Vinyl tubing included to depict wires and pipes. ★Fuel tank, seat, and side covers can be detached to allow viewing of rear shock unit positioned in the frame. ★The air-cooled, 2-stroke engine features details such as cooling fins. ★Side stand is movable thanks to a coil spring. ★Parts for maintenance stand are also included. ★Monocross suspension is accurately reproduced and is movable thanks to a coil spring. ★Semi-pneumatic rubber tires with realistic tread pattern are mounted on spoked wheels. スペース  Package (Click to Enlarge)

■Comes with a new parts to create a maintenance stand.

■The air-cooled, 2-cylinder 250cc engine features realistic cooling fins.

■Fuel tank and seat can be detached to reveal the monocross suspension.

■Front suspension is movable thanks to coil springs in the front forks.

■Semi-pneumatic rubber tires with realistic tread pattern.

■Markings for 2 kinds of racing number plates and 6 different numbers are included.

■Tamiya Color paints are recommended for finishing this model.
Tamiya Color Spray Paints
(Item No.)
Acrylic Paints
(Item No.)
Enamel Paints
(Item No.)
Areas to be Painted
Black TS-14 (85014) X-1 (81501) X-1 (80001) Frame
White X-2 (81502) X-2 (80002) Fuel Tank and Fenders
Pure White TS-26 (85026)
Chrome Silver X-11 (81511) X-11 (80011) Metal Parts such as Bolts
Flat Black XF-1 (81701) XF-1 (80301) Engine and Exhaust
Matt Black TS-6 (85006)

The information on this page is current as of July 10, 2012.


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