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April 2018

[R/C Models]
 56357  1/14 R/C Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3348 6x4 Tipper Truck
 58649  1/10 R/C NSU TT Jägermeister (M-05)
 47366  1/10 R/C Plasma Edge II Black Metallic (TT-02B)
 56545  Electric Actuator Set for 1/14 Scale Tipper Truck
 54794  2-Piece Mesh Wheels (2pcs., Black)
 47368  1/10 Scale R/C Mercedes-AMG GT3 Lightweight Body Parts Set

[Scale Models]
 10204  1/12 Caterham Super Seven BDR

 18092  Mini 4WD Panda Racer 2
 19452  Brocken Gigant Premium (FM-A Chassis)
 95386  MS Chassis Set (Light Blue/Orange)
 95387  HG Mass Damper Set w/Ball Connectors (Block Weight/Carbon Plate)
 95388  Aluminum Spacer Set (12/6.7/6/3/1.5mm, 2pcs. each) (Red)
 95389  Low Friction Large Dia. Low Profile Tires (Maroon, 2pcs.)
 95393  Rubber Body Catches (Blue/Red)
 95395  HG Aluminum Wheels for Low-Profile Tires (Super X & XX, 2pcs.)

[Tools & Paints]
 87191  Tamiya Fine Lapping Film #2000 (3pcs.)
 74140  Fine Pivot Drill Bit 1.1mm (Shank Dia. 1.5mm)
 74141  Fine Pivot Drill Bit 1.2mm (Shank Dia. 1.5mm)
 74142  Tamiya Cutting Mat a (A5 Size/Blue)
 82116  LP-16 Wooden deck tan
 82117  LP-17 Linoleum deck brown
 82118  LP-18 Dull red
 82119  LP-19 Gun metal
 82120  LP-20 Light gun metal
 82121  LP-21 Italian red
 82122  LP-22 Flat base
 82123  LP-23 Flat clear
 82124  LP-24 Semi gloss clear
 82125  LP-25 Brown (JGSDF)
 82126  LP-26 Dark green (JGSDF)
 82127  LP-27 German gray
 82128  LP-28 Olive drab
 82129  LP-29 Olive drab 2
 82130  LP-30 Light sand

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