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Item No:24294
1/24 Mobil 1 SC 2006
1/24 Sports Car Series No.294
High-quality assembly kit model of the Mobil 1 SC driven by Iida/Kataoka during the 2006 Super GT season. Sleek aerodynamic body accurately reproduced. Complete racing cockpit including full roll cage recreates racing atmosphere. Underpanel features metal insert for added weight and realism.

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Item No:32548
1/48 U.S. 2½ Ton 6X6 Cargo Truck
1/48 MM Series No.48
High-quality assembly kit display model of this widely used Allied cargo truck. Parts included for removable canvas top, which became the standard configuration for these trucks from 1944. Die-cast chassis features realistic suspension parts, and the tailgate can be posed in both up and down positions. 1 driver figure and 2 types of markings included.

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Item No:26524
1/48 British Sherman IC Firefly (Finished Model)

Professionally-finished display model of the Sherman IC Firefly with long-barreled 17pdr. gun. Original markings depict a tank from the 2nd Polish Armored Division. New road wheels further distinguish this finished model from the kit version.

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Item No:60318
1/32 Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Fighter Model 52 (Zeke)
1/32 Aircraft Series No.18
High-quality assembly kit display model of the Mitsubishi Model 52 Zero fighter. Precision-made metal parts included for 20mm cannon barrels and pitot tube. Four types of markings included. Model may be conveniently stored in the packaging after assembly.

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