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May 2007

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[R/C Models]
1/16 German Panther Type G Full-Option Kit
1/8 Nitrage 5.2
1/10 Avante Mk.II
TamTech-Gear Buggy Champ
1/10 XB BMW 320si WTCC Team Germany
1/10 XB Nismo Coppermix Silvia (TT-01D) Drift Spec
TamTech-Gear Option Parts (1 item)
Option Parts (2 items)
Limited Edition Parts (1 item)

[Scale Models]
1/24 Mobil 1 SC 2006
1/48 U.S. 2.5 Ton 6X6 Cargo Truck
1/48 British Sherman IC Firefly (Finished Item)
1/32 Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Fighter Model 52 (Zeke)

Railway Fun Shinkansen Series 700 Hikari Rail Star
Keen Hawk Jr.
Manta Ray Mk.II Clear Body Set
Neo Falcon Clear Body Set
Mini 4WD PRO Aluminum Side Extension Roller Mount
8-Wire Multicore Remote Controller Cable (5m)
Remote Controller Toggle Switch (2pcs.)

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[R/C Models] [Scale Models] [Kids]