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Mechanical Racehorse (Galloping Type)
Overall length=193mm

Robocraft Series No.12

The latest and fastest release in the Robocraft Series, this galloping racehorse with jockey is loads of fun to build, loads of fun to play with, and educational too! Ideal running performance obtained with grips on back legs and smooth rollers on the front. Rear grips can be adjusted up and down, allowing to adapt to running surface. Two link rod holes on the back legs allow you to choose between two running styles. Able to run up small slopes like those of the Mini 4WD tracks. Comprised of mainly transparent orange plastic allowing internal mechanics to be easily displayed after assembly. Easy screw assembly and wiring. Includes Type 130 motor with 16.6:1 gear ratio. Requires one R6/AA/UM3 battery (sold separately).
Item 71112

XBG porsche Carrera GT Overall length=437mm
1/10 XBG Series

Introducing the all-new XBG chassis, the TGS-R! More power, better weight distribution and all-round improved performance, the TGS-R is perfect for XBG drivers wanting to make that next step. Combined with the super sports car Carrera GT body, this baby is going to fly. Features the more powerful FS-12SW. Not only providing more power, the FS-12SW engine is as easy to use as the FS-12SS. Standard gear has been upgraded to the Speed-Tuned Gear, providing a gear ratio of 8.67:1. Full bearings and oil dampers ensure that despite this extra speed, the TGS-R also features improved running performance and stability.
Item 43515

Eunos Roadster (M-04M Chassis)
Overall length=390mm

1/10 R/C Car Series No.325

Tamiya is proud to release the Eunos Roadster on the M-04M chassis. The Eunos Roadster, also known as the MX-5 or MX-5 Miata, remains today one of the world's most popular sports cars. With more than 500,000 units produced from 1989-1999, the Roadster currently holds the world record for the most number of units produced in the lightweight open two-seater sports car category. Slim design lightweight monocoque frame M-04M chassis. Gearbox can be removed for maintenance without disassembling chassis. 4-wheel double wishbone suspension features 4 friction dampers. High-grip tires for rear wheels ensure excellent grip performance. Kit includes large urethane bumper for high-performance shock absorption.
Item 58325

British Main Battle Tank Challenger 2 (Desertised)
Overall length=334mm

1/35 Military Miniature Series No.274

Tamiya presents the British Challenger 2 MBT to the Military Miniature Series. Accurate replication of Challenger 2 tank including new turret. Moveable parts include main gun and CITV. Features new accurately replicated tracks and wheels. CITV and gunner's sight lens cover can be assembled opened or closed. Transparent parts used to replicate gun sight lens, headlights, tail lights and rotating light. Commander and loader half-body figures and 3 sets of markings included with kit. Accessories to accurately replicate Iraq version including canvas skirts and CIP included.
Item 35274

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