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This magazine is published bimonthly in England by ADH Publishing. Starting with Tamiya Models, this all color publication introduces the world's models with rich descriptions.
Interview with former Gekko pilot
Interview with former Gekko pilot
GekkoMarder III Indianapolis1.5 ton WC63 personnel carrier

Art Gekko
This article provides thorough assembly tips and in-depth explanations on Tamiya's 1/48 scale model of the Gekko, the Japanese Navy's intrepid night-fighter whose dauntless pilots flew interception missions against the B-29 Super Fortress during World War II. Modeler Angus Creighton, noted for his practice of adding detail to models, breaks from his usual mold by building the Nakajima Gekko Type 11 straight from the box, nothing added. Creighton shares his tips for scraping and weathering paint as well. The article even features a brief interview with former Gekko pilot, Mr. Minoru Toyonaga.
Chips Ahoy!
The model featured in this article is Tamiya's recently issued Marder III. Bob Oehler, a former US Army Officer who has served on armored vehicles, relates his views on the trendy scratched paint technique. Oehler expresses doubt over the current trend of portraying excessive wear and tear on the paint jobs of modern armor models. Oehler also describes his special technique of using liquid mask and coarse sponges to reduce starkness and create a more subtle weather-beaten paint finish.
The Final Act of War
The sinking of the US Navy Heavy Cruiser USS Indianapolis by her nemesis, the submarine I-58 is a tragic story. In this article Ian Ruscoe describes adding detail to Tamiya's new Indy and the submarine I-58. Etching and brass parts sold on the market are used to add detail. The details of completed tugboats, wharf, storehouses, and cranes are captured via photograph in this article.
Class of '63
This article, written by the chief editor, reviews Taiwan based Skybow's new 1:35 scale model softskin kit of the 1.5ton WC63 personnel carrier. The kit includes a tally of no less than 13 sprues, including those for polycaps and glazings. Article features in-depth photographs of the completed work.

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