Published bi-monthly in English
This magazine is published bimonthly in England by ADH Publishing. Starting with Tamiya Models, this all color publication introduces the world's models with rich descriptions.
1/35 scale Famo and Sd.Ah116 trailer combination 1/35 scale Famo and Sd.Ah116 trailer combination Marder III 1/12 scale Williams FW14B

Trailer Trash
This issue of Tamiya Model Magazine International features a gigantic 12 page article on building the equally gigantic 1/35 scale Famo and Sd.Ah116 trailer combination. The witty folks at TMMI have put together a plethora of full-color photographs and easy-to-follow steps to guide you through the assembly of "probably the best model kit ever produced". Learn how to add detail to the engine bay, firewall, and suspension, as well as how to add a thin coating of dust to the road wheels. Find out how to employ model rail way grit to trash up the deck of the trailer with "thick dust and earth left by the last vehicle", just one more clever technique explored in this article. If that isn't enough, the reader is provided with invaluable information on the finest WWII reference books available. So clear off your modeling desk because it's time to get a little dirty with "Trailer Trash".
First Degree Marder...
If the modeling of a perfectly recreated German tank hunter is on your wish list, you will be more than satisfied with Tamiya's Marder III. In this article, the Editor of TMMI puts together this charismatic kit, as well as explains how a Russian gun mounted on a Czech chassis became one of Germany's most lethal weapons. The level of detail in the fighting compartment of this AFV has to be seen to be believed, which is why TMMI provides you with close-up pics of the massive gun breech, tractor style seat, and more!
Nude Modelling
American modeller Tom Neel performs a strip show on Tamiya's 1/12 scale Williams FW14B. By building this F1 machine with a carbon fiber body and exposed engine, Tom is able to do some creative heat staining on the exhaust system, intricate wiring work, and give the machine an overall "Darth Vader" look. This article is a must read for any lover of large scale car modelling.

Next issue of the Tamiya Model Magazine, No.87, is coming in August, 2001.

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