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This magazine is published bimonthly in England by ADH Publishing.
Starting with Tamiya Models, this all color publication introduces the world's models with rich descriptions.

14 detailed color pictures of the real M26!

Marine Assault
In March of 1998, the largest ship of the Japanese Marine Self Defense Force was launched. In this issue of TMMI, modeler Ian Ruscoe builds Tamiya's "Ohsumi" into a spectacular diorama, complete with hovercraft and helicopters.
What's New Pussycat?
NATO's ferocious feline, the Leopard 2A5 has been recreated by Tamiya and reviewed by TMMI's John Murphy. This article compares Tamiya's rendition of the tank to the Italeri version reviewed last year (Issue 76). Tips on camouflage painting with three of Tamiya's NATO paints are also offered in this informative article.
Tugs of War
Retrieving broken down tanks from the battlefield requires a big, strong truck. Tamiya and Accurate Armour have kits of two of the US Army's better known wreckers of World War Two. This article shows how to reanimate these beasts of burden, first Tamiya's M26 and then Accurate Armour's Ward LaFrance Heavy Wrecker. 14 full-color pictures of the M26 are included for handy reference.
Monkey Nuts
Often imitated but never duplicated, the Honda Monkey mini-bike had stood the test of time since its debut in 1961. Ubiquitous in Japan, this cute simian has started popping up all over the world. Check out this issue of TMMI for a complete report on the Tamiya version of the bike, and how to give it the "few times around the dirt track" look.

Next issue of the Tamiya Model Magazine, No.83, is coming in December, 2000.
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