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Published bi-monthly in English
This magazine is published bimonthly in England by ADH Publishing.
Starting with Tamiya Models, this all color publication introduces the world's models with rich descriptions.

Includes four color pictures of the M48 Patton.

There once was an Ugly Duckling
If you believe that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", Tamiya's Dornier Do335 has your name on it. In this article, master modeler, Angus Creighton puts together this most unusual aircraft of the Luftwaffe, and thoroughly presents it in all its uniqueness. From the super-detailing of the intricate cockpit and ejection seat, to the flattening of the tires, this article will help you bring out the inner beauty of the Dornier.
Patton Maker
John Murphy takes us back to the jungles of Vietnam with an in-depth presentation on two versions of Tamiya's M48A3 Patton. The first features the tank as it appeared when first deployed by the US Marine Corps in 1965, and the second is the US army version from five years later. John takes you step by step through the detailing of the two Pattons, and even tells you where you can get all the nifty detailing sets.
The Longest Day
In this article, the Editor of TMMI goes to work on Tamiya's sleek rendition of the Toyota GT-One TS020. Don't miss this article as it explains how to get that professional shine on the body, and how to neatly fill in the panel lines. Also, you can learn how to use sheets of carbon fiber decals to detail up the complex chassis and engine room.
Back to the Old School
Yes, good things do come in small packages, especially when the package reads "Tamiya" and features tiny cutout road signs on the side. Inside you will find Tamiya's 1/35 scale German Motorcycle Orderly Set, a thoughtfully put together kit featuring a detailed bike with rider, and military policeman giving directions. This kind of kit is just begging to be incorporated into a diorama, and that is just what the writer does in this article.

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