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This magazine is published bimonthly in England by ADH Publishing.
Starting with Tamiya Models, this all color publication introduces the world's models with rich descriptions.
1/48 Skyraider U.S. Air Force 1/24 CLK-GTR Original Teile 1/48 B-25B Mitchell 1/35 M10 Tank Destroyer

Death from Above
The A-1J Skyraider was virtually an armory with wings. The incredible ordnance capacity and staying power of this aircraft made it vicious ground attacker. Armed with bombs, rocket packs, minigun pods, the Douglas Skyraider was not to be toyed with. In this article, the Editor explains the steps involved to properly camouflage and detail this flying arsenal.
Original Teile Style!
Team Persson's Mercedes CLK-GTR "Original Teile" has been recreated from the inside out by Tamiya. Check out page 12 of issue 80 to see how Mark Flys takes on this hyper-decorated 1/24 kit. From the exploded engine decal on the rear to the authentically recreated powerplant, this kit has been stripped down for all to see.
Sweet Sixteen
The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was answered with a brutal air raid on Tokyo. It was General James Doolittle's sixteen B-25 raiders that caused the Japanese to rethink their invulnerability to attack. Accurate Miniatures has recreated the North American B-25B Mitchell in 1/48 scale, and Marcus Nicholls takes you step by step through this fascinating modelling project.
Killer Sherman
The Taiwanese company, AFV Club, has brought out the longed for M10 Tank Destroyer with an open topped turret. Marcus Nicholls loads up this 1/35 scale tank with as much stuff as it will hold, and then gets his hands dirty with some clever weathering techniques. Don't miss this article if you are fond of AFV of the U.S. Army!

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