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This magazine is published bimonthly in England by ADH Publishing.
Starting with Tamiya Models, this all color publication introduces the world's models with rich descriptions.

Famo's for five minutes
Armed with his Hornet Head Set and Aber Photo Etched Chain, good old Angus Creighton goes to work on Tamiya's Schwerer Zugkraftwagon 18T SD.KFZ.9, also known as just plain "Famo". Check out this article for great tips such as making your tarpaulin top from scratch with Milliput covered in lead foil. Angus also takes the liberty of decapitating his figures and adding resin heads from Hornet for that extra bit of detail. With plenty of full color pictures and creative modeling tips, this article is sure to please AFV fans of all sorts.
How the Shinano might have looked...
One of the largest carriers of WWII, Shinano was originally planned to be the third installment of Yamato class battleships. The construction of this monstrous vessel was started soon after the Japanese defeat at Midway and was completed on Nov. 19, 1944. On its way to be fitted out however, it was spotted and torpedoed by an American submarine, later capsizing off the shores of Shionomisaki. This article describes a splendid reconstruction of how the fully loaded Shinano might have appeared if its destiny was not cut short by those blasted torpedoes! From the tiny anti-aircraft guns to the hoisting cranes, you will marvel at how a model of such small size can keep your eyes occupied for so long.
Gives you wings
The secret to the "coolness" of Yamaha's Red Bull YZR500 must be its brightly colored cowling. Peruse this article and find how to capture that element on Tamiya's 1/12 scale version of the bike. The editor of TMMI also explains how simulate discoloration of the exhaust pipes caused by intense heat. With plenty of full color pictures, this article should prove helpful to any modeler interested in painting discoloration on engines of motorcycles, aircraft, or any other vehicle.

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