Quick Tips - Motorcycle Edition
Painting Incandescent Areas on Muffler
Muffler 1 1
Paint muffler with "silver leaf" Tamiya color spray. In the case that parts are already chrome plated, this step is not necessary.
Muffler 3 3
Referring to pictures of the actual bike, airbrush "clear orange" onto incandescent areas of muffler. Spray within 1cm of surface.
Muffler 5 5
To add a finishing touch, lightly airbrush on "Smoke" acrylic paint to entire muffler. This should create an even more realistic feel to the muffler.
Muffler 2 2
Thin-out "clear orange" and "clear blue" acrylic paints. 1 part paint to 2 parts solvent should be sufficient.
Muffler 4 4
When "clear orange" paint completely dries, begin to spray "clear blue" onto muffler piece a little at a time. Spay one area while another dries.
*In some cases "clear red" and "clear yellow" paints may be used to express incandescence on muffler.